Drugs that help you sleep are gooood! Nyquil is quite helpful at getting a good night’s sleep.

I made it through the weekend fairly well. I was able to sing with the choir in the Good Friday service and also still read a chunk of text with voice intact. The Easter service was a little tougher in that I had started to develop a cough, but my voice felt stronger, so I read a couple of bits of scripture and also sang in the choir.

Only two more official Sundays left at this church, but I’ll still be there fairly regularly until the end of the Dinner Theater which is only a month away. My participation will mostly be through the choir with maybe some other small bits of the service in for good measure. I’ll also be officiating the service on May 29th as the minister will be away at Conference meetings. So we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

One last day off before the official last two weeks of school start. Not too much work, but enough to keep me busy. I’ll take today to try to get a good chunk of a paper done.

So, I best get back at it. I’m listening to Contemporary Christian on Launchcast Radio. It’s got some decent songs on it, a lot of new stuff that I don’t know since we don’t have a Christian radio station in Halifax yet (one’s coming soon) but that will be remedied by more listening! 🙂