Here’s a simple assignment we were given in class. I thought I would share it here. We had to describe a scene (and were given options). I chose a harbour in the evening.

The water is still, calm. Buoys softly sway on the long, gentle waves of the tide. As the sun sets behind the hill of trees at the end of the harbour, boats drift by, as if pulled home by the setting sun.

Across the water, lights begin to twinkle in homes as the shadow of the hill falls across the bay. The scene is mirrored in the stillness of the water, reflecting the redness of the clouds above darkening trees.

The water laps quietly on the shore in the calmness of evening. The puttering of motors, the rippling of the setting sails, the laughter of children playing off in the distance. All leading towards the quietness of night, a world at rest.

I used to love to write creatively when I was in elementary school. I guess I just got into sports and stuff and it took priority. It’s fun to dig into the creative side now and again.

Bev hasn’t seen this side of me and doesn’t know what to think! 😀