It has been an eventful week, and I feel I should contribute to the vast array of statements made out there about these events. But I don’t feel overly moved at this time.

First there was the trickery of the Liberal government that avoided a summer election with backroom deals and misleading the opposition. This then lead to the vote on same-sex marriages with the expected result.

Then there is the attacks in London this morning. Makes all else pale in comparison. My prayers are with those affected by the attacks, and also with those that perpetrated the violence, we cannot forgot that they need our prayers as well.

This leads me to some questions.

Why is it that no one appears to be talking with each other? Terrorists attack, governments up anti-terrorism laws and seek to punish those responsible, harshly. Making communication all the more difficult between the two sides.

People on both sides are pissed about something. So why can’t they get together to at least discuss what pisses them off so? We are all grown ups here, so why not act like it? Neither side is solely responsible for the way things have become, but someone needs to take responsibility to break the cycle.

I know, it’s only a pipe dream, but it’s not a difficult one to envision. It’s only hard for those that need to swallow their pride to get the process started.