Everyone else is doing it, so why not me? 🙂

What you do is go to google. Type “(your name) is” and paste your favorite 10 responses.

10. Nick is a good eater and enjoys a lot of foods, though we try to give him soft foods (Gee thanks mom)

9. Nick is left desperate to make a quick getaway (Wouldn’t you if you only got soft foods?)

8. Nick is an uninformed idiot (Yeah well… no one tells me anything, can I help that?)

7. Nick is not unlike the ice-cold killer thief De Niro played in “Heat”. (How flattering!)

6. Nick is stone sober but due to a series of mishaps he is on the floor (Well.. stuff happens…)

5. Nick is a freak of genius. (What can I say?)

4. i really think nick is taking the egomania to new levels. (Hey! Ouch! Be nice now)

3. Nick is lying down on his therapist’s couch. (See? The truth hurts!)

2. Nick is an excellent foster mother to any orphaned Red-tails we receive, and is loved by audiences when she comes with our staff members (I like to help!)

1. Nick is Nick. (I am who I am!)

Some honourable mentions, in no particular order:

  • Nick is currently appealing the verdict
  • We’re afraid Nick is really busy at the moment and therefore can’t give complex answers to large, specific questions.
  • Nick is a former “shy nerd” who has become one with his geekiness
  • Nick is realy stupid… Nick is not cool (at least I can spell!)
  • Nick is immediately surprised that he is one of the few invited guests
  • Nick is the greatest person I have ever met.
  • With his gentle brand of humour Nick is able to amaze and amuse
  • Nick is Canadian.
  • Nick is not One Of Us…. Nick is one of the Good Aliens
  • Nick is desperately searching for Maalox
  • Nick is such an extraordinarily beautiful ‘common’ man