The week of busyness is over, and now the term of busyness begins.

Pretty well everyone is moved into residence, and Koinonia week activities have ended. The week was super-busy since I had a hand in both groups of activities. But that’s ok, who needs sleep anyways? 😀

The UCC community had a retreat of sorts where we just went and relaxed Friday night and Saturday by a lake. It was a nice beginning to the term. A chance to rest and prepare ourselves for the coming year, and a chance to reconnect with others, and to connect with new students and returning interns.

I’m looking forward to this year, I see this year as being a huge year for me as I transition into moving from being in my first year to preparing for internship. Also, as a second year student at school, we are pretty much leaders by default in the UCC community.

This year will be a turning point, no doubt.