Today in chapel we sang the hymn “Come In, Come In and Sit Down”, a lovely hymn of reminding people that we are all part of God’s family. Welcoming all to join the family of Christ through his sacrifice.

And here I sit, not sure of where I stand in the church’s eyes. Many times I feel on the outside looking in, not knowing just how welcome I really am. How do I fit into this church? A church in which the doctrine, as stated in the Basis of Union, fits me very well, but the way in which it portrays itself today appears to be a different church.

This year, after only two days of school, I can see that this year will definitely be a turning point for me. How things look in May will most likely heavily impact where I stand in the United Church of Canada. However, I cannot play it safe anymore. I can no longer restrain who I am for the sake of keeping people from feeling uncomfortable. I need to let the Spirit flow, to let God continue molding me into the disciple that He wants me to be.

Where will that lead? Only He knows… but I need to be part of His plan, my soul aches for it.

So, feel free to follow my journey as I chronicle it here. It should be a fun ride! πŸ™‚