but things are going well.

I just finished up a week of worship leadership here at the school with a few other students. We had a good week, of course we used projection (how could I not? 🙂 ). Now that this is done, which took a lot of time and energy, we’ll see what else comes up to take it’s place. I see that papers and assignments are looming on the horizon, so hopefully these “extra” requirements are starting to die down.

Which leads me to a potential new “extra”. I was approached afterwards today by a faculty member if I was interested in giving a workshop on using technology (primarily projection) in worship. I said “sure!” and so we’ll see what he is able to come up with for options on when I might be able to do it. If that goes well, maybe there will be opportunities for taking the workshops on the road a little bit. Could be fun! My supervisor and I have already discussed briefly that this could potentially be my education project in the church. So we shall see where it leads. Hmmm… leads me to do some brainstorming about possibilities as I write this. This could be a LOT of fun!! 🙂

Anyways, Bev is off for a woman’s only day in Mahone Bay tomorrow, so Anna and I get to spend the day together. Just daddy and his little girl. The weather looks good, so we’ll see what we end up doing! It’ll be our last day together for a while as they are both heading out to Bev’s parent’s for a couple of weeks on Sunday after church. Some quiet time for daddy to get some work done I guess.

Well, there’s nothing on TV, suprise surprise. Looks like I’ll have to go read or something!!! *gasp*