It’s been a busy first two weeks of school. Hard to believe that I’ve already 30% of my mark in my Systematic Theology course! All that’s left to do is class participation and the take-home final (worth 50%!!!).

So far the classes look like they are going to be interesting. My placement church is going to be very busy this fall, and we’re adding a second short “reflective” service before regular worship. I don’t anticipate a whole lot of added work for that except on the “visual arts” themed morning where we are planning on using projection (technology being a strength of mine). I haven’t really done much in terms of “reflective” services, so I look forward to getting some experience there.

I’m also getting my worship rotation done early, coming up on the week of the 26th. The readings are from Luke that week, and are really good in terms of calling people to discipleship. We really plan on hammering that home with a good, strong sermon that I hope to give on the Monday to kick the week off. I look forward to attempting my first “fire and brimstone” sermon, as others are egging me on to do. It should be a fun week! And yes, we are using projection of course! 😀

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates. Besides being busy I’ve been really quite tired this past week. But the routine seems to be settling a bit, so hopefully my energy level will pick up.

God bless