It’s been a busy term, wow!

Just as much so the last two weeks where I’ve been doing lots of work before the end of the term. I just finished a research paper, and now all that is left is a 15 page take home exam for my Christology course.

We put up our Christmas tree last night, makes our living room look all that much smaller, but that’s ok. The tree looks pretty good! I’ll have to take a pic I suppose. It’s our first tree with Anna, since we moved last Christmas we only decorated the 12-inch’er. She’s been pretty good around it thus far! 🙂

I did preach November 20, it went really well. It was the Celebration Sunday service at the end of our stewardship campaign, and I received some excellent feedback from all in attendance. I had hoped to record it, but wasn’t to organize it. I don’t know if I’ll post the manuscript or not, I’m pleased with my delivery, and feel that the text cannot quite relay the appropriate energy needed. So it will probably remain on my laptop’s hard drive.

Well, should finish up my little bit of work for the service tomorrow morning and do some reading for the take home.

I pray that God is blessing you as we journey through Advent, as we wait to celebrate the coming of our Saviour.