It all started Friday morning, bright and early…

We had our second ultrasound at 8am, so it was up early and out the door in a hurry to make it to the hospital for the appointment. We had the second as just a ultrasound just to check something after the first as a minor precaution. No problems were expected going in, and none were found.

After that it was off to Cape Breton for the night. Why? Well, we said good bye to the little yellow Protege 5. I say little because we needed a little more space with baby #2 on the way, and also a car that Bev would feel more comfortable driving. So now we feel all mature and junk in a Camry. It was Cape Breton for the car because we saved a fair bit of money by doing a deal there than in the city. Now if I could just stop looking for the clutch I’d be fine!
So it was a quick trip since we had to be back yesterday afternoon so I could be in church this morning.

Today was catching up on work day. Pretty soon its crashy-sleepy time! Tomorrow is final prep for my workshop on Technology in Worship tomorrow night.

This school thing takes a lot of time and energy that gets in the way of doing good church work. But oh well, I’ll certainly have my chance at that in the coming years! 🙂