2005 was an interesting year, lots to reflect on for sure. There were natural disasters, birthdays, anniversaries, a year of school completed, the expectation of another child, interviews to name a few.

This has been an interesting past year. Vocationally I feel I’ve grown a lot. Personally it was a tough year for our family as I was pretty much completely submerged into my second year of theological school. But in the same notion, I think I’ve learned a lot about balancing family, academic and church life. Just how much I’ve learned will be played out over the next few months once school starts back up on Tuesday. I would like to highly recommend the book The Five Love Languagesby Dr. Gary Chapman, it’s a wonderful book that should be read by all married, and soon to be married, couples.

2006 brings more interviews, the new baby and the possibility of internship. The optomist in me looks forward to what this year brings as I think it will be quite exciting and full of opportunities for growth.

God bless you all in 2006