Well, we’re back from visiting Bev’s parents for a couple of days. It’s nice to get out of the city once in a while.

It’s also nice to drop in and have a raid of my brother-in-law’s used books!

I found a couple that looked interesting, and took them back to the house to investigate. Three of them are a collection of sermons. One has a sermon by Thomas Merton (He Is Risen), another book has a series of sermons by Henri Nouwen (Out of Solitude) and a third with a series by Clarence Edward Macartney (The Faith Once Delivered). I’ve read the first two, and they were great pick-ups, very thought provoking. The third looks interesting in its topics, so it should be interesting.

I also found another Merton book called Spiritual Warfare which is very interesting read thus far. It also lead to some interesting dreams last night! 🙂 I found a second Nouwen book as well, The Wounded Healer, which also looks interesting as it explores the circles of suffering, from the world down to those in service to the church. The final book is a small commentary on Ephesians. I figured commentaries can’t be bad, especially free ones! 🙂

So, we’re back in the city. My phone number was taken by a minister while we were there for potential summer supply. So I look forward to hearing him call. He sounded pretty certain that he would be calling me, hopefully it will be during a time when I am available. He wasn’t sure when he was going away just yet.

So, it was good to get away, but now we’re back and it’s time to start making some money. Hopefully that will start up soon as I’m chasing some website design leads.

Anyways, Oilers are up 2-0, and I’m exhausted. Time for a snack and to veg out. Woohoo, I typed too soon, 3-0 Oilers!

Nick out… g’night!