So, I started summer school this week. In preparation for class, I took Bev and the kids to Cape Breton to spend what would amount to the month with the grandparents so I can have some quiet and sleep while immersed in classwork. (we do a full term of work in only two weeks)

Yesterday, I get a call from my mother indicating the our one of our dogs is being kept at the vet for the night. Ruby had not been herself lately, and was having urination problems over the weekend. The vet figures its something with the liver and would keep her the night and x-ray in the morning. Could be cancer, could be something else.
Now, the x-ray has shown nothing. There are numerous next step options that we need to consider. So, the vet is in Windsor, I’m in Halifax and my wife is in Cape Breton. And we’re trying to coordinate and discuss over the phone. No doubt Bev would prefer to be in Windsor right now as we’ll have a very crucial decision to make this afternoon about this dog, but first we need a few more questions answered from the vet, who will call me as soon as she is available. So there is still no diagnosis, thus no way to tell what treatments are available, if any.
It’s all so very complicated at a time when complication is not very welcome.

What is that saying again… “the best laid plans of mice and men…”?

Update: Ruby goes under exploratory surgery tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.