It has been a very busy summer. I’m not complaining at all, but now I need to try to find just a couple days of rest before things get busy again in less than two weeks.

Summer school, traveling around the province, visiting, preaching in three denominations, it’s all added up to some great experiences and a tired family.

The services I’ve done over the last three weeks went really well. I’ve got the sermons recorded, now I just need to be home long enough to tidy up the audio files and get them on here.

Yesterday I preached at Windsor Baptist. It was nice seeing some friends there, and it was also nice to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in a little while. The response at the door was great. Thanks be to God.
As for school this fall. I will be taking 2 courses this fall, and maybe one in the winter term. I’m also looking for student supply. I’ve just finished up my resume and cover letter to send off in hopes of getting some interviews. Whether that means we’ll have to move or not… God only knows.

It’s all in His hands right now…