Seems it’s been a while since I posted much of anything here…

It probably has to do with the fact that I haven’t had much to say lately. Things have been going well, but I haven’t really felt the need to share a whole lot.

That said, in the past month I’ve launched a new client’s website ( and have a couple more getting lined up. One should be launched late next week or early the week after and I’m still negotiating a third. So things aren’t looking too bad on the business front. My partner and I are making some pretty good contacts, so things will hopefully remain just busy enough for the next little while.

Church wise, things have been slow. The kids have been sick the last couple weeks with the cold, so we haven’t been out to church lately. The kids are healthy so if Anthony lets us get enough sleep tonight maybe some of us will get out in the morning.

So know that things are good, but the spiritual side is lacking a bit due to lack of worship and connection with a Christian community. But we’re working on that. 🙂