This is a song I wrote last week (my second ever), motivated by the widow in Mark 12 and our new praise band at AST… Two Cents (we don’t have much but we give’r all).

We Give You Everything
©Nick Phillips, 2006

Lord we have a meager offering
It is not much but to you it all we bring
As we search our hearts together we will sing
Lord to you we bring you everything

All we bring you are just two coin
We have so little but in you we trust
Through your Son it is to you we join
In your grace you show your love to us

As we walk this world evil calls from everywhere
Temptation, sin are all we hear
Through Jesus Christ our experience you share
Lord to you we give you everything


We get so lost finding our own places
When we find your word of light it is bliss
Lord to you we give you everything