Last night was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Bev and I went to see Robin Mark in concert. I have never been so fully entertained for $17 than I was last night. Actually, concert is the wrong word. It was 2.5 hours of worship.

The evening started with a performance by Geoff Moore, an singer/songwriter from Nashville. I hadn’t heard of him, but he was very good and very funny!

Then came the Robin Mark. Why was it awesome? Was it the pyrotechnics? Was it the deafening sound system? Was is the dancers?

No… it was 4 people leading worship with nothing more than a guitar, keyboard, flute/whistle, and simple percussion. Lyrics were projected so we could all sing along. He played 4 songs off his new CD (a MUST have!!!), plus the classics “Days of Elijah”, “Revival” and many others. The Holy Spirit was alive and moving among us last night. People were dancing, singing and have a great time praising God together.

We at Two Cents play a number of his songs. The next time we do a song of his live, it will be extra special for me, because it will bring back memories of this amazing night. In fact, I doubt that any performance will be the same for me because of the experience of last night. From now on, I’ll KNOW that God is playing through our music for all the world to hear.

If Robin Mark is coming to play anywhere near you, GO! It will be something you won’t regret.