CBC had a documentary on the National last night talking about the environmental cost of the oil industry in Alberta. View part 1 and part 2 for yourself.

My questions are:Alberta Oil Sands

1. Why is this NOT common knowledge around the world?

2. What about the people and other creatures of the world who are being severely affected by this raping of the earth, leaving it a desolate, toxic wasteland?

3. Why are we not screaming for better care of the land that will be used for generation after generation?

Money has power, especially Big Oil money, which has the Alberta government ignoring the social and environmental disaster they are experiencing, and will have to deal with for generations.

I encourage Albertans to call their MLAs, everyone else call your MPs, the future of our pristine country and the generations that will have to deal with the massive mess we leave behind will have to pay for hit, both economically and with their health. People in Cape Breton have been crying over the mess of the Sydney tar ponds for years, yet this mess in Alberta makes the tar ponds look like an oil spot on the driveway.

God called us to care for his creation, not to destroy it. Maybe we can do a little better job in that regard?

Update: Don’t know who your MP is? Find out! Also, Federal Minister of the Environment, John Baird’s email address is Baird.J@parl.gc.ca and Rob Renner, Environment Minister for Alberta, can be emailed at rob.renner@assembly.ab.ca.