So last fall we bought a Wii, and are having fun with it. We’ve collected some games, we’ve worked up a sweat at times, it’s fun!

endless oceanThe other day, Bev brought home a newly released game… Endless Ocean. An oceanic adventure which allows you to take on some small jobs to advance the storyline, or you can just dive and have some fun exploring the ocean floor. It can be quite relaxing listening to the water, and it has a nice soundtrack as well.

The last couple of days I’ve sat down with my son (and daugther who likes to see the fish) just before nap time, and each time he has nearly fallen asleep in my lap as he watches the game. Amazing! I can’t remember the last time he has fallen asleep on me, probably over a year ago!

So for a $30 game, it’s worth it just for that! But I’m also having fun finding and cataloging new fish and areas of the ocean floor.