It’s been a while. I haven’t taken a class since December 2006, with a brief exception of one course this summer. Now school is a major focus in my life as I enter my final year.

What I need to remember most in this final year, in the busyness of family, school and church (and hopefully in that order of priority) is that I am doing this for one reason, and one reason only. God has called me to do this. God is equiping me, and I need to continue to let God guide me through this final year.

In this final year before ordination (hopefully!), God needs to continue to be a strong focus in my life. He’s gotten me this far. He’s molded me into someone beyond I ever would have dreamed I would become.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the academic life of an educational institution, but this is more than just a regular institution, this is a place where God needs to be first and foremost everyday because we are learning to be leaders and followers in God’s church!

All the time God is good! And God is good all the time!