There are people all over the world who are waiting… looking… expecting something big to happen each Christmas. We spend lots of money buying, entertaining, celebrating, finding ways in which we can produce this “thing”.

But Jesus comes in the quiet of the night, in a place we least expect him. He comes in a barn, lying in a feeding trough, surrounded by cattle and shepherds. The King of kings coming comes in the most lowly of circumstances. There is no huge celebrations. No parties in castles and palaces, no rejoicing in the shopping centres. Just a quiet night in a stable.

When the presents are opened, when all the food is eaten, what is next? Is this all Christmas offers us? No, Christmas offers us hope, in a time when we most need it. In a time where capitalism and greed threatens to tear us apart, the Christ child comes to bring us together. To remind us that God is with us, calling us to healing and reconciling relationships, calling us to be there for one another. Jesus comes to give us more than what we can purchase in any store. He gives us something much more important. He gives us life! Life in God’s way is more important than what we can find for ourselves.

This Christmas, let us celebrate the true gift of Christmas. The Christ coming to earth so that all who follow in his way will receive the gift of eternal life!

Merry Christmas to all!