Sure I pray. Do I as much as I should? Probably not (who does?). But I do pray for people, situations, guidance, all that good stuff.

Then why don’t I offer to pray with people?

I’m not sure what it is. When I’m with people one-on-one, I often don’t pray with them. I lead prayer every Sunday, offer graces at meals, other services like funerals. Then why not when I sit and be with people face-to-face?

Is it the intimacy of the moment? Am I afraid of being vulnerable with someone in a time of need?

I’ve done it before, but once again I find I’m at a place where I don’t offer prayer directly “in the moment” instead promising they will be in my prayers (and they are I assure you).

Guess it’s time to begin to share more openly again with my faith. And it starts with prayer.