As I write this I am sitting in a cottage in northern Cape Breton. It is early October and the mountains, valleys and oceans are spectacular.

I am writing this post, not directly into my blog, but rather as a note on my macbook because I have no internet access at the friend’s cottage I am sitting in. I also have no cell phone coverage. So I am quite isolated in terms of today’s standards. But the cottage is literally feet from the ocean. To the right you see part of my view!

The reason I am here is because I have had the privilege to come to perform a wedding for a very special couple. The wedding was supposed to be outside, but the rain moved in quickly. Below is the setup before we had to relocate inside (which was just as beautiful in a different way).

In the early 90’s a family moved to Cape Breton for a couple of years. They had a young son, about 12 years old. While here, he met a local girl.

As I mentioned, they only lived here a couple years, before moving back to the United States.

Just about two years ago, the girl decided to look up this young boy from her distant past. And she found him. At the time she was living in Hong Kong, and he was in New York. Eventually, after a number of transglobal flights, he moved to Hong Kong to be with her. The rest is history, and after today, a long future that is yet to be written.

Not very often can you be part of and experience a story like this.

And the love that was expressed tonight, not just in the ceremony between the bride and the groom, but also in those who came to share in this special day.

I’ve been to wedding receptions where it is a roast of the couple. Where the speaches leave you wondering, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

But tonight, love poured freely and openly. And so did the tears. Several times through the evening there was not a dry eye in the house.

My prayer for all is that when we find love like this, we hold onto it as tightly as we can. And we remind each other each and every day how we love each other.

I am so blessed to have my wife and the family we have.

And I give thanks to God for the experience I had today, because I have what they have. A different partner in life I would never want, because it has been our journey together that has made me who I am today.