(I originally posted this on http://cruxifusion.ca)

This past month some different lines of thought answering the question “What do we mean by God?” was published in a small, but national church magazine.

As I read through the responses, I found myself asking the question, “How does this represent what we read in the Bible?” A few of them, I had to confess, did not resemble anything I learn about God when I read scripture.

One article stated the results of a personal survey which indicated a vast majority had little to no understanding of a personal God. The responses led me to question what sort of leadership they are experiencing in the church.

Many of our churches receive solid teaching, I have to believe that, because if I don’t then I will have lost hope.

Others are touting the highly publicized “progressive Christianity” who seem to have abandoned the concept of the God found in scripture and in some cases much of the Bible itself for new age thinking and approaches to spirituality.

We need to get back to the basics in our churches. We need to ground ourselves in the Bible and get to know our God and our Saviour as intimately as we can. We need to bring these teachings into our hearts and let them teach and guide us as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, God among us.