Here’s my weekly update in regards to my exercise regimen.

First, I have to confess that I had a bad spell already. Last week I was feeling quite under the weather. Mostly I was very weak and had a small touch of nausea. I attempted to work out under those conditions and nearly passed out. So I took a few days off to get over whatever it was I had.

By Monday night, I was feeling 100% again and ready to get out to basketball. I arrived at the school and no one was there. I guess that since school was cancelled that day (for some unknown reason) they cancelled play for that night. Disappointed, I came home.

But, the last two mornings I have successfully completed my Active 2 routines. Yesterday was a full body workout, today was upper body. It feels good to get the heart pumping and body moving again. I am still feeling some lingering effects of a rib cage injury sustained playing basketball last spring, but I’m working through it gently.

I have not weighed myself since I first started. Since weight loss is not my primary goal, I’m not focusing on it. I know that by increasing my metabolism and fitness level the weight will come off. My goal is to increase my fitness level, and that’s where I will start.

Now, it’s time for my Friday morning workout!

Photo by Hilde Vanstraelen /