I missed my update last week as I was traveling for the first part of the week then unplugged (for the most part) after getting home for the weekend. There was little to update anyway. As I was away at a conference there was little opportunity to do any kind of exercise.

But this week I’ve gotten back on track. I was back to basketball and had two more “official” workouts. My weigh in early on in the week was not positive. It seems I’ve returned to my start weight. Not that loosing weight was my goal, I have to admit it’s a little discouraging to not see results. However, I did weigh myself late in the day, which does add a some weight. Next week my goal is to weigh myself in the morning, which is what I had been doing. This should be a more accurate reflection of my overall weight change.

Next week will be interesting. Taking the garbage out yesterday I had a serious wipeout on the icy steps carrying a load of compost. I fell hard. Luckily the front steps broke my fall. Initially I thought my lower back and hips took the brunt of the damage, but today I notice my shoulder is very sore as well. I don’t know yet if this will impact my workouts, I made it through this morning. I’ll be adjusting as necessary, but plan on finding ways to continue being active.

Take care and keep it up if you are following along with me!