This week has been a week of different exercise. I didn’t get around to anything formal, in fact I haven’t even had the Wii on to weigh in.

I did get out for basketball and had a really good run. That was the only “official” exercise I got this week. I did get in a few walks to the school to pick up/drop off children and I also went skating with the school in the middle of the week. Today’s workout was derailed by a phone call that ended up in a meeting. So this was a bit of an off week (again!).

So really, there isn’t much to update, except to say I still feel like it’s going in the generally correct direction. I’ll need to get back on track next week. There have been some members of the household at various degrees of “slightly under the weather”, but we all seem to be getting back towards healthy status and that bodes well for getting back on track.