Well, it’s Friday again and time to give my progress report to those who care to read it. It’s good because there are people out there paying attention and have been asking how it’s been going. Thanks for the support, it helps!

This week I’ve been back into the routine. I had a good run at basketball Monday night, and it felt good after having a week off. I managed my Wednesday morning 20 minute workout and followed it up with some snow shoveling this morning after a decent dump yesterday and last night.

I did my weekly weigh-in on Monday morning. After 3 weeks I am down 3 pounds, and I’m happy about that. But more importantly, I just plain feel better. I feel stronger, I feel more energetic, and I feel healthier.

This is a long-term project, but I’m happy to be seeing some progress already. I know I’m not terribly out of shape or overweight (my Wii Fit tells me I’m lightly overweight by my BMI), but my body isn’t where I am comfortable with it. After years of complaining about it, I’m glad I’ve finally taken the steps to remedy it.

But since I’ve put it off so long, it’s going to take longer than it could have.