This week is March Break for our schools. It is also a week I took for vacation so I could spend time with the family and get away for a few days. It worked quite well for us last year. This year was different.

3 of the 4 of us have been sick this week. So for the most part we’ve been limiting our contact with others.

It has also limited my ability to workout. I missed basketball this week. I did get in a 20 minute workout Wednesday morning, which went well, that is until the room started spinning. It was wild. I was forced to lie still for the next 8 hours. I thought it might have been a stomach bug, but now I think the nausea I experienced was from the dizziness.

I suppose I may have lost a pound or two in the last couple of days due to the fact my appetite has been suppressed. Overall, on just exercise I’m only down a couple of pounds in two months. I suppose if I altered my diet a bit I’d be more.

Here’s hoping things will get back to normal next week. We’ve had a healthy winter, so I suppose it was bound to hit our home at some point. Our turn finally came about.

Here’s to spring coming this weekend!