I know I haven’t been posting much besides political updates, and there’s a reason for that. First, I haven’t had a scripted sermon for a couple of weeks now, taking a Bible study approach to our readings lately. Second, I was away last week, and didn’t have to preach today. This week I should be getting back into the groove as far as posting something useful! 🙂

But, I need to post another election issue. This time it deals with the youth of our community.

My wife was at a meeting last week at the school where a report was delivered from school tests from two years ago. Two years ago the grade primaries were tested nationally, and the report has come in.

In this town (with two elementary schools) 45% of grade primary students were in the bottom 10% of the entire country. This means they didn’t possess simple skills like being able to hold a pencil.

So, I now add to my list of questions for local politicians what are they going to do to address this critical issue in our schools and for preschoolers who are starting off their education already behind the rest of the country?

I have yet to get a response to any of the questions found here, yet. They have been sent these posts, and they will be asked point blank should any of the candidates bother to canvas on my street.

Mark, Kathy, Cecil? Here’s looking to you. You want my vote? Start giving some answers to some critical issues for this town.

Next up, I will start to look at political platforms as to how they address these issues, now that all parties have revealed their platforms.