Another Sunday has passed, and it was a special one.

Once again our Sunday School led us on a journey. We saw the maps and the artifacts of the very long journey Abraham took his family on. The days, weeks, months, and years of travel, covering the distance from our town to Wawa, Ontario.

Then the children walked us around the sanctuary, making stops along the way so we could hear God’s promise to Abraham and all his descendants, and how the promise extends to us in Jesus Christ. All were impressed as our children read to us God’s promise, marched around the sanctuary and leading us in songs.

Then tonight we gathered again at the church, inviting the community in to a Festival of Praise to raise awareness for the Canadian Bible Society and the great work that they do distributing the Gospel both in Canada and around the world.

While finding performers this time of year can be a challenge, especially on short notice, we had a great night of music and learning about the society and how we can help them.

Thanks to all who came. Special thanks to our Sunday School for leading us in such a special and unique service. Thank you for the music in the evening and the message from Rev. Dr. Lorne Freake about the work they do.

It certainly was a great day for praising Christ our King.