Seems people like to do this. So here are my most viewed posts of 2011. Not necessarily my favourite, but they are the most viewed.

10 – First up is a sermon from Boxing Day last year, “Prepare Yet The Way: What’s Next?

9 – Then was a sermon from just two weeks later, “A River Runs Through It

8 – “Helping Our Churches Survive” Some thoughts on the future of the church, and how it could be structured.

7 – Please Pass The Salt” A sermon from February.

6 – Sermon I did on the story of the Prodigal Son comes in at #6. “Lavish Love: The Prodigal Father

5 – What’s Your Worth?” Another sermon from early in 2010. (an oldie but a goody?)

4 – Next is probably one of my favourites I’ve written. It’s a response to the progressive church movement which is gaining popularity as a church without Jesus or God. Read “Post-Theism and the Church” and you’ll see what I think of it.

3 – I get a lot of hits from search engines looking for Anniversary Sermons. This is the one getting the most hits. It’s not my favourite sermon, but search engines have ranked it high. “Keeping Watch

2 – There’s a song I once quoted in a sermon title. It seems to have also gathered a high ranking in search engines.  “What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It?” This is another old one from early 2010, and was a fun one to preach.

1 – There is some debate (ok… it’s probably just me…) about the validity of this being the top post. It seems a lot of the traffic for this post is direct traffic, and from a small region. I’m guessing it has become someone’s bookmark for accessing my site, which is ok. I’m just glad they keep coming back. It’s not that I don’t like what I wrote, it’s something I found somewhere and thought was neat. So here I bring you a reflection on the role of the church, “Should We Stay or Should We Go?

As mentioned, these are not necessarily my favourite posts on my site, but I do enjoy writing, preaching and sharing. One of my favourite series to write this year was my “Words To The Church” series. It generated some great discussion on Facebook and Twitter and I hope to find ways in which to continue this discussion.

That is the year of 2011 for What comes in 2012? Well, I’m considering rebranding the site, even with a new domain name. I bought for fun years ago, and as a generic domain, it’s great for email and so on. But I feel like I need a more faith-based name, so stay tuned, changes may be coming in 2012… as time permits.

Thanks for being a reader, thanks for engaging in discussions in various theaters. I look forward to more in 2012 and beyond.

God bless.