I should be working on my sermon…. and I guess in a way I am.

Last night I was reminded of something. Something I had not necessarily forgotten, I just seemed to forget it’s importance.

You see, I’ve been stuck in administration mode quite a bit lately. I’ve been working on a variety of projects, paperwork, committee work, much of it interesting and even exciting work.

Only it’s not “Jesus work.”

In it’s own little way, the work I’ve been doing is about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ with the world. Which is all well and good. But in the process, I’ve been neglecting those who need to experience this good news in my own community.

Last night I was at a community meeting hosted by Community Cares Youth Outreach. The local newspaper has coverage here. There was much more said than what is in the news article. As I sat there in the seat right next to the mayor and two seats away from provincial members of the Nova Scotia Legislature, I really hope they heard what I heard.

I heard the cry of a people who need hope.

The young women who spoke received that hope and have made something of their lives. In this town there are many others who are struggling in their daily lives just to survive. Drugs and abuse are rampant in this town. Last weekend two teens who overdosed on drugs, thankfully they survived, but will the next one?

So it’s time to get back on the street. To be like Jesus and actually walk among those in need offering hope and love to those who seek it.

I hope the politicians had their hearts challenged as they go back to their offices today and deal with administration and policy work, all the while haunted by the voices they heard last night, just as I am today.