Ever have one of those times when you thought you had everything all figured out, but then you realize how feeble minded you are to think so?

I’ve known it’s been coming. I’ve felt it for a few days, and now it’s here. Yep. A head cold. Coupled with a busy week it makes for an interesting time to reflect on Lent and the progress one makes in this time of reflection and repentance.

I continue to have wonderful conversations with people around my rant from a month ago. People who express common feelings towards the bureaucracy of the church and trying to live out our calls as Christian people in a secular world. Do we know how we’re going to fix this? No not yet, but I have hope that those of us who are passionate about this are starting to find ways in which to connect to each other and explore the issue further.

Unfortunately I’ll need to keep this short as time is not allowing me to expand any further, but let’s keep the sharing going, let’s keep Jesus Christ as our focus, and let us have a holy Lent.

But before I go, I’ll share this video with you, as it speaks a little bit out of what I wish we could do… in some way.

The peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.