Earlier this week I had a phone call from a congregation not too far down the road. The woman on the phone told me they have created a new committee in their church with a focus on exploring faith and spirituality with a particular focus on worship. Their minister told them the congregation should hear from me and she asked me if I might speak at their anniversary service in about a month.

While flattered with the recommendation and the request to speak, initially I’m not sure what to say. There’s a million thoughts running through my mind, and none at the same time.

This is a congregation that I really know nothing about, other than knowing the minister and the musicians who were just hired there. So, in a way, what authority do I have to go in there and speak on some sort of authority as to what is right for their public worship and spiritual being of such a community?

I’ve said a lot on this site about how I think the church needs to act in the world. Almost all of it generalizations from what I read happening and my own personal experiences over the last 10 years or so. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and exploring various themes surrounding church leadership and faith explorations here. I’m also glad to have the conversations these posts have allowed me to engage in.

So… if you were exploring expressions of faith in worship; if you were examining the spiritual life of your church; what would you want to hear? How might you like to be challenged.