I found out last week that I have a twin. No, not a biological twin, a blogging twin.

My regular readers know that aside from my sermons (nothing to post this week folks!) I tend to post thoughts, rants, ideas, etc about the state of the church and its future.

Well guess what?

The Maritime Preacher has a friend in the Prairie Preacher! A United Church of Canada minister in western Canada also writes about the same content. When I pointed out this blog to a friend of mine, he asked, “How do you find time to write two blogs?”

It’s great to know there is someone out there speaking in the same spirit I am on top of the many who appreciate and support our words. The church is changing, and it’s time to start speaking up if we want to embrace the love of God shown in the life of Jesus Christ for the whole world to see.

So my friends, let’s welcome Rev. Shawn to our humble group.