Yesterday I celebrated my 3rd anniversary of ordination in the United Church of Canada. That day rewarded the end of a very long, difficult, challenging, isolating process.

The problem is, not a lot has changed. I am of a certain theological perspective that is not often welcome. So the same problems I had in a liberal theological school continues in the liberal denomination I serve in. There have been times when I’ve been taken to task over what I have said on this blog. There are times when I’ve known if I speak my mind in certain company I would lose my head.

I’m not afraid. God’s placed me here for some reason. After 3 years, I’ve seen glimpses of great hope. But I’ve also seen much anger and division. Can glimpses of hope shine light in a great gathering darkness? I don’t know.

I love the congregations I serve. The people are full of love and hope for a brighter future. They give me strength to go on. They want to engage the risen Christ in their midst, and are seeking ways in which this may happen. We have a long way to go as a church, but we are seeing what we can do to move forward.

The very near future of the United Church of Canada on this island I call home is very much in doubt. We need greater glimpses of hope, brighter rays of light to shine among us so we can see more clearly our way out of the darkness.

So, three years in, I may have more questions than ever before. God has gifted me with great passion and a heart full of love and hope for the future of His children. I pray for wisdom and guidance for what comes next.

“What the future holds, a mystery. Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.”