What is it you absolutely love about your life?

Not a hard one to answer is it? Usually a few things will come to mind.

But what about church? What do you love about your church?

Again… this is probably not a very hard question. What comes to mind?

When people share with me what their favourite part of church is, it’s usually the people and the food which top the list. Let’s face it, we do these two things pretty well in our churches. We like to be together, and we like to eat.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good thing. Having someplace to come and feel “at home” and comfortable, that’s perfectly fine.

But why do we get together? Why are we a church?

Are we a group of people who like to hang out together, like a club? OR are we people who gather with others because we love Jesus?

Is it the first? Come on, you can be honest here. It’s ok. It’s true for a lot of people.

But you know what? There are many places where we can be together like a club. Every community has clubs of some sort.

We are the church! We are the embodiment of Jesus Christ, Son of God, here in the world.

Jesus must be our focus, our connection, our source of joy and hope. If he’s not, then we’re another club.

Which is ok. Clubs are good, but maybe we need to be real about it.

But if we want to be a church, then let’s be a church! Let’s get to know Jesus more. Let’s spend more time learning about him and letting ourselves be transformed by him.


Because Jesus changes lives. And if we’re on fire for Jesus, then others will want to know him too. And they’ll join us. And their friends will join us.

So go ahead. Get to know him more. You’ll be glad you did.