Reading today from Psalm 70

Please, God, rescue me! Come quickly, Lord, and help me. (Psalm 70:1)

So many of us have offered this prayer in some way haven’t we? We’re afraid, we’re hurting, we’re lost, we’re sick…

Whether we mean it or not, whether we really expect God to come to our aid, it is a cry for help. It could be we’ve brought this on ourselves, or maybe it’s an accidental situation we’re in, and we’re crying out to the God of our understanding to help us through it.

God responds to those who seek Him out. God responded to the whole world crying out for help by sending us His Son, Jesus to show us how to get through the tough times. How to act. How to live. How to love.

But Jesus also came to show us so much more. He came to show us God’s immense love for us. He came to suffer for us on the cross so that we may see the full extent of God’s love for His children.

And when we seek this love… when we find this love…

Well… I hope you’ve experienced it for yourself. It can’t be described in our simple language. But “joy” is a pretty good start.