derelict church-smallOver the last few weeks… months… years… (decades?)… there have been people writing articles saying that the church is dead or dying. Nothing new here. We’ve heard it before, we’ll keep hearing it over and over again.

But here’s my question. If we know this, then WHY are we still doing the same thing? Why do we keep repeating the exact same patterns and expect a different result? Didn’t Einstein call this the definition of insanity?

Yet here we are insanely propping up structures that are falling down all around us. We need to face the facts. The church of today, built by our parents and grandparents means nothing to young adults today (as a generalization). If this weren’t true, then our churches would still be flourishing, full of young families. I don’t know about your church, but my church doesn’t have more than 3 young families on any given Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the traditional church. I think it still has an important role to play. But… things have to change. We need to get out of our doom and gloom attitudes and look forward. We need to live in hope that God is not done with us yet.

And we need to take risks.

How many young people have you talked to about their spiritual needs in the last week? How about month? Year?

Unless we start to engage with these young people, and start to work along side them in their spiritual journeys, then nothing will change.

I can speak from personal experience that these young adults want to engage in the Big Questions of life, but the church is unable to welcome or communicate with them.

This has to change.

The way we think of church has to change. 

We need new ministries. New ideas. New structures.

Or when our traditional churches finally close, there will be nothing left.

We’ve just celebrated Easter, let the resurrection work within each and every one of us!