This weekend we were richly blessed in my town.

We were blessed by the presence of children, children who have very different lives than we have.

Watoto - Beautiful AfricaOn Sunday morning people from about 6 different churches came together to worship on Pentecost Sunday. Why? Because we had some special guests among us. And boy did the Spirit of God ever move among us!

The Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda came to our town and led us in worship. And what powerful worship it was.

The children are all orphans, mostly due to losing parents to AIDS. They have been taken in by a loving Christian community called Watoto. Here the children are in homes with 7 other children and one “mother”. Some have power, some do not. Some remember their parents, some do not.

But this morning they came, they sang praise to Jesus. They told stories that brought tears to the eyes of people listening. They celebrated life, and they celebrated the future to come in Africa as these young people dream of becoming great leaders in their continent, bringing about change and hope in the name of Jesus.

In the end, we raised over $3700 for the ministry. As we have been blessed, we returned a blessing back to them from our abundance as people really opened up their hearts, their homes, and their wallets to help those in need.

Our town has its struggles. No doubt about it. But there is also no doubt that we are a generous people.

It’s my hope that some day, these children won’t need to tour any more to share their stories, because God will have brought about healing and hope, change and transformation to a part of the world in great need.

Thank you again to Watoto and their amazing ministry and music. A tour that began in January in Vancouver and has taken them completely across this nation as they now make their way to Newfoundland.

Blessings be upon them, their families and their journey.