Back in May my wife and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

Instead of taking a big trip we decided to do something different. For our 15th anniversary we are taking 15 Cape Breton adventures.

Some are bigger than others, but all are things we haven’t really done before on this island.

Some are restaurants we’ve been wanting to try out, some are hiking trails, some are beaches and there are other adventures too.

So far we have:

Gone skiing at Ben Eoin



We went to see a production of Les Mis at the historic Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay.

Just this past week we took surfing lessons at the Point Michaud Beach. What a blast that was, even though I spent more time falling off the board than riding it.


We also hiked down a gorge to view the beautiful Egypt Falls


We hiked along Inverness and West Mabou beaches and tried a number of delicious Cape Breton restaurants.


Inverness Beach pan shot


West Mabou Beach from a trail above the shore

One thing I’ve noticed from this year of exploring Cape Breton Island is that we can become desensitized to the beauty of this place because there is so much of it, and we see it every day.

So take your time. Explore it anew. This is a beautiful island.

Meanwhile we’ll be taking care of the last half dozen adventures we have left.

God bless you all.