CruxEastPromoLast week I went to Moncton for a regional gathering for Cruxfusion we dubbed “Crux East”

There were about 20 of us in attendance, not a big crowd, but enough for fellowship and to make new friends. This, after all, is just our first regional gathering, so I didn’t expect it to be overflowing with people. I’m not sure we could have handled a big crowd for our first time, to be perfectly honest.

However, it was life-giving, freeing, uplifting and hopeful.

It’s nice to be able to sit among a group and share openly thoughts about Jesus and the church without fear of being judged or chastised. As we sat around the restaurant tables during one of the meals, one colleague commented, “It’s nice to not have to self-censor.” We all agreed.

It was nice to not have to carefully select our words when we talked about our faith in Christ. It was nice to not feel like we had to be silent because we worry someone might jump all over us for what we might say.

It was nice to be “ourselves.”

Without worry. Without fear. Without feeling the need to put up walls and defences because we were talking about Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of the Father, the Saviour of the world, the Lamb who’s blood washes away my sin, the Messiah.

I’m sure people with other beliefs in this church also appreciate the same opportunities when they arise. I’m glad they too have the chance to share.

Nothing fills my soul more than being with people who share a belief in Jesus Christ, fully divine, fully man, and can share openly about how he has impacted our lives and the lives of our churches forever.

It is my prayer, that if you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord of all, and are connected to the United Church of Canada, you will find a place to be inspired by others, a place to share in story and testimony, and a place where you can be open with your beliefs. Maybe even Cruxifusion in a place where you can find it.