TGWI_Cover_Front-FINALWorld Vision Canada asked me to review a book for them. It seemed like a good idea to support the organization in this way, so I agreed.

The book, Thanking God with Integrity by Willard Metzger, is a book full of table graces you can use with your family.

For us, we pass the book around the table, each family member taking a turn to find a grace to read each evening. And it has been well received. There are shorter, simpler prayers for our children (who are in elementary school) so they are able to find something they can read out for us, sometimes with a little help with bigger words.

The prayers also cover a wide variety of circumstances and needs of the world, as you would expect a World Vision resource to do. Hunger, poverty, and other causes are all prayed for in this book.

If you are looking for something to share with your family, or with your church, I would recommend Thanking God with Integrity.

It is an accessible book for the whole family and you’re helping support a worthy cause. Seems like a good thing to me.