I realize in the post I made yesterday it may have made some uncomfortable.

Not because the words I used. Not because I said something I shouldn’t have. But because what I talked about could invoke change.

fearChange is scary.

Change means we may lose some control. Change means something might be different than we’re used to. Change means our patterns and routines may not be the same.

Change is hard.

I don’t like change. I don’t like to give stuff up. I like what I do. I like my life. I like how things go on around me.

But change is real… and change is necessary.

Whether it’s imposed on us, or brought from within. Change is what makes the world evolve and grow. It’s what makes us as people evolve and grow.

So let’s look at what might happen if we embrace evangelism as I proposed it; through the sharing of stories. (Now that’s scary!)

But what if we do it? What if we celebrate Jesus and his actions in our faith communities and outside our church walls? What changes can we expect to see?

Here are a few scenarios I can think of:

  1. No one notices. Things continue on as they are.
  2. People grow in faith. People begin to learn about how God has been active in their lives and they make a commitment to know Him more.
  3. People grow in faith and begin sharing with those outside our churches and the church begins to grow.

Those are the options I can see if we embrace evangelism in our churches.

Are those bad things?
Are they still scary?

Still think it’s a bad idea?