It’s Saturday.

A day we often relax a bit in this house. I usually have a little bit to do in the office to finish up for Sunday morning, but for the most part the kids play, we relax as a family, we treat it… well… like a weekend!

holy saturday

Hat tip to Debbie McMillan for the image.

Today is the same, but different.

Yesterday was Good Friday and we were in church.

We worshipped with other churches in the town as we re-read the scriptures referring to Jesus’ sacrifice.

We removed our “traditional” church symbols from view. The Bible, the collection plates, the cup and plate.

All we had left was the cross, draped in cloth.

And now we wait…

This Saturday is more solemn. More reflective.

As we wait…

We wait…

And we wait…

Sunday cannot come fast enough.

Easter cannot come fast enough.

But we must wait…