Hope is a funny thing.hope

We hope for lots of things.

We hope for good weather on the weekend. We hope for that new job. We hope someday we’ll cure the world’s horrible diseases. We hope our friends will be healed.

But there’s so much more hope that can be offered. So much more depth in that simple word.

Hope is for something far greater. Hope that even beyond our continued failings each and every day of our lives we are still deserving of being loved. Loved by family and friends, loved ones and companions… and yes, even loved by God.

What’s so amazing about God’s love is that we can pick up the Bible and see people making huge mistakes. Jacob stole from his brother. David killed a man so that he might be with his wife. Paul killed early Christians. God loved them still. God used them to do great things in the world. And these are just 3 of many examples.

When I read these stories it fills me with hope. Hope that God still loves me. Hope that God will use me to do something meaningful. Hope that even in a world of disasters, wars, disease, hunger… God has a plan. And I am part of that plan in some small way.

Hope is a powerful thing. Without hope all is lost. Without hope what is the point?

Hope carries us forward. Hope gives us the strength to get out of bed each morning.

And God gives us this hope.

Jesus Christ, the hope of the world, showed us we can do it. Jesus showed us that all is not lost. Even in our pain and suffering, hope is still there.

The Lord is with us.

There is hope!