empty churchI had my car at the garage last week. The owner knows who I am and what I do as he’s been my mechanic for the five years since we’ve moved here.

There was a woman, a few years younger than I am who works for one of his suppliers, in the shop coordinating some things. When the owner saw me he asked, “How’s the soul saving business?”

The young woman smiled, cocked her had and said, “I have to ask… soul saving?”

The owner and I both said together, “Church minister.”

A few minutes later the owner went back into the bay to deal with whatever and the young woman and I had a conversation. She asked what church I am the minister at and she shared that she is member of a church in the Sydney area. Her home church no longer exists. It amalgamated a few months ago, and hasn’t worshipped in its own building for over 2 years. She knew this, but hadn’t been to the new church “yet”. She also commented she missed the old church, despite rarely attending.

She talked about her concern for the church and wondered aloud how we can get people her age to attend. I didn’t say this out loud, but in my head I pondered, “If it’s as important as you make it sound, then go to church!”

To be honest, I’m getting tired of this conversation. People of all ages keep telling me they wish more people would go to church, when they themselves don’t go.

Let’s consider something… if you believe it’s that important to have a church in your community, and if you believe Christian values are that important to society, as you ALL say to me…

Then get your butt into a pew!

It’s simple. It really is that simple.

And if you go and aren’t happy with what you see. Go again. Then go again. Then go for a few more months. Then keep going.

If after all those months, things still aren’t resonating with you, then join the governing body or a committee of your church. Provide feedback. Say something! Take some ownership! But not until you’ve earned some respect and have become a regular attendee. No one wants to hear what’s wrong when you’ve only been there for two services over the 12 months.

You need to realize you have a role to play. You have a place in God’s plan. The best way to figure this out is to read your Bible, say your prayers and, yes, even go to church. Which should make sense, because you tell me it’s important!

So maybe you should take the first step.