My friends and I continue to offer daily prayer for the United Church of Canada and the 42nd General Council coming up in less than a month. Here is my offering for today.

I am running out of words.
I want to sound elegant, educated, knowledgable
but it all pales in comparison to Your immense greatness.

So I simply offer the little that I have in prayer.
I pray for those running around in Cornerbrook working out final details.
I pray for those commissioners who are pouring over hundreds of pages of reports so they can discern wisely when they get there.

I pray for those who are anxious about what will come out of these meetings.
I pray for those who are complacent about what will come out of these meetings.

I pray for our General Secretary, Nora Sanders.
I pray for our Moderator, Gary Paterson.
I pray for the young people who are on a great pilgrimage across this country.
And I pray for the brave souls who have allowed their names to be put forward to be the next moderator in these tough times.

And I pray your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

May it be so.