We continue to pray for GC42 as it is an important one in the history of the United Church of Canada and it begins this weekend.



The people gather in Cornerbrook. People from our wide and incredibly diverse country, and our wide and incredibly diverse denomination and beyond.

Some will be excited.
Some will be nervous.
Some will be anxious.
Some will have no idea how they are.

We pray for them, O God. And now that the meetings are beginning, we feel we need to pray even harder for them and the work they will undertake.

We pray that Your Holy Spirit will be felt by all who participate in these meetings. We pray that your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, will be known and proclaimed from the microphones, from the worship team, from hearts and voices who seek to serve our communities with faith and love.

In the end, this is about You, Your church and Your people.

Help those who meet, help us all, see where we fit into Your divine plan for bringing Your kingdom here to this earth as it is in heaven. And if changes are required, may You lead them and guide them.

Help us know, we are not alone because You are with us.